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Paperback  by Dr. Gerry Rising,

nature columnist for The Buffalo News,

with the photographs of Harold Stiver 

The Nature Watch Collection

Book One

Publisher:  William R Parks


Paperback B&W Edition 162 pages:  $7.95

ISBN:  978-1479370047

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Paperback Full Color Edition 162 pages:  $24.95

ISBN: 978-1480224254

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This full color paperback edition is available on Amazon.com for  $24.95 plus P&H.


eBook Edition:  $2.99

ISBN:  978-0-88493-066-8
eBook edition is Text-to-Speech:  Enabled

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For over twenty years Gerry Rising has been writing a weekly  “Nature Watch”  column for The Buffalo News. A collection of some of his columns is now available in eBook format. Harold Stiver,  the superb Canadian nature photographer,  has joined Dr. Rising in this publishing project and almost all of the photographs that accompany the columns are his. For those of you as yet unfamiliar with Dr. Rising's or Stiver's work,  you have a real treat ahead when reading this eBook.

Dr. Gerald R. Rising Sr.,  the Gerry Rising of these columns,  is State University of New York Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus at the University at Buffalo. His  “day job”  at the university was working with school mathematics teachers and teaching mathematics and computer science. Rising is the author of over a dozen mathematics texts,  the most recent include,  Program Your Calculator and   About Mathematics,  the latter written for college liberal arts students.


Not a professional biologist,  Professor Rising seeks to communicate to his readers his own involvement with and love of nature. He has explored the out-of-doors through hiking,  canoeing and biking. This year,  at age 85,  he plans to ride his motor scooter on a camping trip around Lake Michigan,  completing his similar  "circumnavigations"  of all the Great Lakes. Rising lives with his wife Doris in Amherst,  New York,  a Buffalo suburb. He has two children,  four grandchildren and a great granddaughter.

Harold Stiver is a partner in a financial services company who lives with his wife Elaine in Paris,  Ontario. He has two daughters and one grandson whom he spoils relentlessly. He has long had a fascination with the natural world and has traveled widely exploring and photographing it. You can see more of his images at http://www.singularvideo.com. He is the author of a series of eBook Guides for Photographers and Explorers covering subjects like Waterfalls,  Old Mills and Covered Bridges. They are available at Amazon and other popular distributors.


For more information contact the publisher:

William R. Parks,

WParksPublishing (at) aol.com


Phone: 716.810.2726
Hershey, PA 17033
"The Sweetest Place on Earth"


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